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Welcome to the Metaverse

Welcome to the Metaverse

“Today, this image of a notebook covering a man’s face with cables running to his body makes us think of virtual reality spectacles that simulate three-dimensional worlds. However, the device is obviously also blocking the man’s ability to see. Do electronic media facilitate new insights – or hinder them?

Art Ringger (b. 1946) appears to anticipate this question prophetically. The personal computer had already begun its triumphant advance when this image was produced in 1995, but since then the displacement of the Gutenberg Galaxy by the Turing version has progressed exponentially. Networked computers have now replaced the book as the leading global medium. Ringger’s series “From Book Forest to Data Network” explores this transformation with humor, acumen and, not least, a high degree of technical knowledge.

Read the full image description in “99 Photographs“. Published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Fotostiftung Schweiz, the book gives a curated view on Fotostiftung’s outstanding collection of Swiss photographic history.

Available in bookstores, or pre-order now at Lars Müller Publishers.

Photo credits ©Fotostiftung Schweiz.”

Via Lars Müller Publishers.

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