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Bagel to Go..! An old CD spindle case put to good use.

Just one example found on Superuse.org of resourceful ways to bring new life to old materials.

Superuse is an online community of designers, architects and anybody else who is interested in inventive ways of recycling.

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  1. superuse

    now Superuse gives away a free copy of its new book every week to the most active contributor to the site. ‘superuse, constructing new architecture by shortcutting material flows’ is written by Ed van Hinte and 2012Architects and published by 010 publishers.
    So join http://www.superuse.org and add your favourite examples of reuse in design and architecture….

  2. Mike Hitchens

    Like the StaceyK site… Would a CD spindle case be food safe or is it just a concept? Now if CD makers were to ensure that no unsafe chemicals were involved in the manufacture and production of CDs (and they were biodegradable) that would be something!


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