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MUJI award 03

MUJI Straw straw

The results of the MUJI AWARD 03 are in and the winner is Yuki Iida (Japan) with the “Straw straw” which is a natural wheat derived drinking straw; a back to basics approach given that the original meaning of the term “straw” was “wheat straw”.

MUJI - Grandpa's nail hook

Runners up in the competition, which this year had the theme “Found MUJI”, included “Grandpa’s nail hook” from Masashi Watanabe (Japan), which is essentially a nail that you can pound into any suitable wall or door to create a simple coat hook, and “A precise stapler” by Joonhyun Kim (South Korea), which enables you to easily align a staple neatly into the corner of a bundle of papers.

MUJI - Precise stapler

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