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I want to like Monocle magazine – the new publication from cool Canadian publishing svengali Tyler Brûlé, but here we are five issues in and it still has much to do to win my affection.

For all it’s pretensions as a ‘serious’ magazine it is essentially a style bible for the well heeled and well travelled. It sit’s there on the shelves in my local Borders amongst the likes of Newsweek and the New Statesman, like a rookie banker on his first day at Goldman Sachs – self conscious in new suit and shiny shoes, with nothing much to say.

Whilst creative director Richard Spencer Powell has in my view done a splendid job on layout (sorry Eye magazine – have to disagree with your conclusions here) the magazine lacks depth editorially. It can’t be too long before it starts to publish features along the lines of ‘Grooming Essentials for the War Zone’ – Alan Johnston could give a few pointers on “losing that just kidnapped look”..!

Current issue number five does make some good points in it’s survey of the world’s most favourite cities to live in, regarding why London didn’t quite make the grade and I love it’s use of photography and art direction, it’s just a shame that the depth of reporting doesn’t live up to the production values of this very slick package.

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