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Steve Jobs: Keep the faith!

Steve Jobs Apple chip letter

Apparently, in the early days of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs would occasionally sign computer chips, attach them to Apple stationery and send them out randomly to Apple fans. A precursor obviously to his later penchant for responding personally via email to random Apple customers.

Via Letters of Note, via @m1ke_ellis.

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  1. decompos

    Steve’s display of innovative success was a message to be shared with visual creators, he inspired a generation that is now completely visual in part because his success. If you could repost this message, not just to all of those that create; but also to those who don’t. Jobs provided us with a with a great gift, and the ultimate recipe to success: take a risk and fail at what you absolutely love, and live to tell about it; as long as you’re living through your work, there is absolutely no way you will not succeed.



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