Firefox. Force quit

Firefox, force quit

spinning marble

I have finally lost my marbles – well specifically the spinning marble of doom that normally accompanies crashing applications on my Mac.

Fed up with having Firefox suck the life out of my Mac’s processor performance I have finally decided to ditch it for casual browsing and move over to the leaner Mozilla browser, Camino.

That once sleek and wiley old fox has become far too bloated and flabby with features for my liking, greedily feeding off the increased processor capacity of today’s faster computers. Most of the time all I want from a browser is to load a site and let me browse forwards and backwards through it’s pages – it’s not a big ask.

I am now cruising down the information superhighway (showing my age now..!) in my El Camino with the top down, wind in my hair and smile on my face whilst the bloated old fox is still back at the start loading up his saddlebags.

From now on I will now only use Firefox as a development tool making use of the excellent Firebug extension.

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  1. Matthew Sital-Singh

    Have you tried Safari 3? I never used to like Safari, but since Leopard and v3 have arrived, its sleek and speedy, and clearly designed to work hand in hand with OSX. Kinda like running Internet Explorer on windows… no.. wait… sorry.

    Tried Camino for a while, but it didn’t sit well with me. Seemed lightweight, but not in a good way.

    My current setup is a somewhat bloated Firefox for web development (because nothing beats Firefox for handy extensions development like Firebug) and a lean, mean, sleek, vanilla Safari for when I want to, you know, just open a web page.

  2. Tom

    You should try giving Opera a trial run, it has many or the features of Firefoxes most popular extenstions built in but runs with a much smaller footprint.


  3. Iain

    Thanks for the tips guys. :)

    Tried Opera for a while but didn’t get on with it – just wasn’t for me.

    Might give Safari 3 a blast too and run a comparison with Camino – see how I get on.



  1. Riding the Safari express at - [...] for casual browsing and I am now hitting those sites at a blistering pace..!   —Share/Bookmark…

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