INQ1 packaging

INQ1 box

I have just received through the post an INQ1 mobile handset for review. INQ1 is the first mobile handset from 3’s new handset subsidiary INQ and is aimed primarily towards the social-hungry youth market.

Whilst the phone itself is nothing special looks wise, apparently it’s unique selling point is Facebook integration, with a Facebook app that ties Facebook contacts, chat and messages into all parts of the phone, but I will concentrate on all that in a separate post.

INQ1 box artwork

This post is all concerned with the packaging, cos I have to say I was impressed. With a sturdy little box featuring artwork by illustrator Yuko Shimizu and a little pack of instruction cards backed with art from a range of illustrators including Marcus Chin and Pablo Bisoglio to name just a couple, this is one neat little package that owners of this phone won’t be consigning to the dustbin in a hurry.

INQ1 cards

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