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Random headline ticker

You will notice I have just added a ticker to the top of the frontpage which lists the latest ten blog entries random entries from the blog archive.

Thanks to ex-Netsight muchacho Rick Hurst for the use of this scripty goodness, which I unashamedly ripped off from his skate site DFR Skatezine (with his permission I might add…!).

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  1. Nik

    Clever idea… reckon the author will mind it being borrowed for another site? Leaving all comments intact obviously.

  2. Iain

    It’s ok Nik – me and Rick are buddies and I asked him pretty please first.

    I actually helped Rick out on DFR Skatezine with visual design so I guess you could call it a form of ‘swapsies’…!

    Oh… and yes, you can be assured that I left the script commentus intactus.


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