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International Klein Blue

International Klein Blue

International Klein Blue has got to be the ultimate blue..!

Incidentally, it is also the colour I have just painted my front door (well an approximation anyway – see comments).

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  1. Peter Wyeth

    Hi – How did you buy IKB for your door, is it easy to obtain and is there a code to quote when having it mixed? Regards

  2. Iain

    You can get the colour coordinates for IKB on Wikipedia and go to a paint store to get the paint mixed to your requirements.

    Of course, any paint you buy will only be an approximation and will appear different to true IKB, because the secret to the intensity of the blue developed by Klein lies in how the pigment sits in the carrier – no oil or water, which would dilute the power of the pigment. IKB consists of dry pigment suspended in a clear synthetic resin and the process is patented.

  3. Amanda

    Do you know of any way to purchase the true IKB?

  4. kristen

    Amanda, I bought the IKB pigment and binder from Adam art supplies in Paris several years ago. It took several mixing experiments, but I was able to get it right after a few tries. Email me for more details if you have any questions. I still have lots of pigment and quite a bit of binder. If you are in the US I can probably send you some for cheaper than shipping it from Paris. I spent about $500 to get it here, and that was over 10 years ago. :)

  5. Joseph Wagner

    I would love to buy some of the binder if you still have it. I bought some from Adam but it is taking a while to get the mix right and I’m almost out. Please email me!

    Joseph Wagner

  6. Veronica Brooks

    I would love to get my hands on a paint chip…. I’m in LA with a project right by Los Angeles County Museum

  7. TOS

    I know this is a very old OP but wondering if any of the info for YKB binder/pigment here is still current – the adam18 link works – are there any other suppliers for pigment or linking paint that anyone knows of?

  8. About 10 years ago I purchased some "outremer" pigment ai Sennelier's hoping to match Klein Blue. As you may know, many inside doors at the Opera are painted that color on reproductions of "Winged Victory. So we bought a small plaster model of that sc

    About 10 years ago I purchased some “outremer” pigment at Sennelier’s, hoping to match Klein Blue. As you may know, many inside entrances at the Opera are painted that color under reproductions of the “Winged Victory. So we bought a small plaster model of that sculpture. But after 10 years of sitting in the sun on a glass Barcelona table, it shows wear. We sloshed the pigment on with water several times, as I remember. to get the many folds in the statue saturated.We can always order more outremer from the store –lovely people! –but does anyone happen to know where I could buy something a bit closer to Klein Blue? I think it is a little darker than outremer, but have not been back to the Paris Opera to compare them. I only need enough for one not large plaster model of the Winged Victory, which still sits on that table.
    Greetings from foggy San Francisco, by the way. It is a nice town if you can’t live in Paris. We thank anyone who has read this and can supply any information. In French if you prefer. Best wishes, Mike Howard


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