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Techno 65 shower kit

Hmmm… I know what you are thinking.

That’s a nice, high quality, minimal looking shower fitting, bet that ain’t cheap.  Well it wasn’t cheap but don’t be deceived by it’s sleek understated good looks and beautifully engineered knurled height adjustment knob, like I was.

The other day I contacted Bathstore, who supplied me with this Techno 65 shower kit just over two years ago, in search of a replacement shower head bracket. It is the small plastic fitting that attaches to the slidy bit that moves up and down the rail and mine had broken through normal wear and tear.

It is only a small, easily removed and I would imagine, relatively cheap piece of chromed plastic that you would think would be readily available as a spare part. Well apparently not.

I received this reply from Bathstore:

“Good Afternoon.

Unfortunately, I am unable to offer much help with your query. The item
you have broken is not available as a spare part. If the item is still
within its 12 month warranty period, then the store would have to
replace it for you.

Sorry I could not offer more constructive advice.”

Well unfortunately the item is out of guarantee, apparently leaving me to have to fork out for a completely new showerhead rail kit complete with showerhead and hose.

Needless to say I won’t be going back to Bathstore to buy one.

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  1. Martin Allen

    did you manage to get a replacement anywhere? do you know who the manufacture is? is have the same problem.

  2. admin

    Apparently the shower manufacturers are Switzerland based Nikles so you could try contacting them direct – http://www.nikles.com

    Not the easiest people to contact as they don’t appear to have a UK address and I couldn’t find any way of emailing them, so to be honest, I wasn’t keen on the idea of giving them any more of my money.

  3. Sue

    Having exactly the same problem and bathstore have been less than helpful. Would love to know if anyone does know how to get one. Im looking at a £119 bill for something that probably costs pennies to make.

  4. Anthony Braine

    Jan 2010

    I contacted Bathstore (Castle Point, Bournemouth) and I managed to get one at a cost of £20. Now all I’ve got to do is remember how to remove the slide rail so that I can put it on…………

  5. Anon

    Aaah the joys of useless and non existent customer services of the Bath Store!!!!!!!!

    I have a shower head and since the bathroom was fitted ALL fixed shower heads are now a MALE fitting, not female. Which means I cannot get a replacement. In order to replace the fixed head I am faced with no option than to replace the whole head, which means new tiling etc etc. I find this unacceptable. So I ordered (what the store said WOULD fit) they didn’t call me to let me know it had arrived. I then chased and because the item was delivered 30 days before I can’t get a refund. If anyone wants a Punto shower head kit (comes with arm etc etc) please email me (ailsadarby@hotmail.com – any spam is automatically reported so don’t bother trying!)! I will then put on ebay and sell to you, cost £30 and not even opened!

  6. John

    They did the same to me this bustards bathstore :(

  7. Lauren Jackson

    Hi all,

    My name is Lauren i work for Bathstore in Hull. (franchise)

    I came across this blog because one of our Hull customers had printed it out when he had searched for these brackets online, he then came into our store for help.

    I’m sorry your unhappy with the service you recieved from other stores, if your still having problems with these brackets and your 1 year guarentee is up, please ask your store for an ABS Punto bracket they are £10 and will fit the Techno 65.

    Hope his helps


  8. Simon

    This website:- iainclaridge.co.uk according to google rank checker is a 42 page rank and a 48 domain authority. If you run a google check on bathstore’s strongest links to its site then this is actually bathstore’s 12th strongest link so this topic, whilst a negative about the company, actually helps bathstore’s site rank even higher in google thus increasing their chances of making even more sales (which is the precise opposite effect of what i presume you were trying to achieve by posting this!)

  9. admin

    My reason for posting this Simon, is to share and express my anger and dissatisfaction with the bad customer service I experienced and the waste in money and resources accompanied with me having to purchase an entirely new shower head rail kit for the sake of not being able to replace a cheaply produced component as a spare part.

    It was also meant to encourage Bathstore to change their policy with regard spares, not to damage their sales.

  10. Paul

    Got the same problem after 13 months light use the plastic holder is breaking. Looks like a design flaw to me. Apparently the replacement is £25. 20004001130-BRASS BRACKET FOR TECHNO 65

    Hopefully it will be brass? if so, might be worth the £25 to not have it break in this way again.

    Process – i have to go to the store, hand over the cash, then they’ll order it for me.

    So it’s going to take two trips to the store, after two emails to prise that information out of the guy dealing with it.

    Not brilliant service so far.

  11. Sue

    I have a techno 65 multi function shower rail from bathstore and I contacted them with same result. Found Byretech sliding bracket 19mm chrome online.

  12. Malcolm

    http://www.shower-warehouse.com sells techno 65 compatible ‘crosswater slider bracket 18mm chrome’ for £25 plus post. the part includes the pipe holder section easily separated and installed on existing bracket if needed, a 5 minute job with a philips screwdriver. Saved £70 charge for the whole thing at bathstore!

  13. tom

    exactly the same problem.. crappy plastic fitting, now broken. taken me two weeks for bathstore to come back to me on the part – as described by Paul above.

    Cost supposedly £30. no thanks. Amazon sells 18mm compatible sliders for £11 (google KES replacement)

  14. nicky todd

    Thanks for the comments above – really helpful – same thing has happened to me but the part quoted is now £29.00 as ref 20004001140 – Brass. I will look into all the above options before paying out. Annoying thing is that the shower head collapsed & hit my young son on his head – could have been a lot worse as not noticed any wear on the component part – no sympathy from the local store but they have offered me 10% discount.


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